Lillaz – Loie lake – Bardoney valley – Urtier Valley – Lillaz (ring itinerary)


Water: the vital element of our life, of our planet, of our being.


This itinerary allows to understand how this element is precious, starting from the famous Lillaz walterfall (undoubtely the most spectacular waterfall of our region) proceeding with the hike to Lake Loie (2,346 mt. above sea level) from where it is possible to admire His Majesty Mont Blanc: the sensation is unique, magic, unmatchable. the course continues climbing a few minutes more, to proceed with the pleasant descent towards the Bardoney valley, with the stream of the same name; you will then see wild places, featuring the return of the wolf (canis lupus): nothing to be worried about, it is a nightfall animal, not dangerous to man, but essential to the environment balance. Near Teppe Lunghe (where a Park hut is located) you will proceed along the Alta Via n. 2 that will lead back to Lillaz, along the Urtier stream.

Thwme: water


Technical features:


  about 700 mt

  about 18 km

  whole day



  Height difference       Length       Duration       difficulty