Barbara Tutino, painter

She lives and works in the Gran Paradiso National Parc.

Valnontey, 38


PHOTO: Mont Blanc 180x240 cm mixt techniques on wood

Works representing the territory

Painting on metal sheet

One of the features of Barbara Tutino’s painting is the use of recycled material, such as wood, cardboard, jute, slatestone, metal sheets, sandpaper.

The couple of works represented here is part of the “Pretty horses” series.


Attratta irresistibilmente dai materiali edili di scarto, Barbara Tutino predilige in questo ultimo periodo la lamiera zincata di recupero. A questo si aggiungono installazioni in cortèn. E’ un periodo “metallico”.

Pra-su-pià (Valnontey)
Wood (200x90cm)


The small train of Colonna
(centina, 180x90 – At Aoste, ruelle des Cogneins)


Modarc (weathering steel – 270x300cm)

Modular arch to mark the mining sites scattered on the territory, situeded in the valley of By (Ollomont), near the  Fenêtre pass to celebrate the transition between “Before” and “After”. The arch reminds the transit of people across the border passes in the centuries.

Group in weathering steel. This work is situated at Berioz (Ollomont) to celebrate the activity of the famous alpinist Ettore Castiglioni in Autumn 1943.