Money pasture hut from Valnontey (ring itinerary)

The Gran Paradiso means 4,061 mt. of infinite beauty, sparkling glaciers, foamy streams, green meadows. The only massif beyond 4,000 metres wholly in the Italian territory. And then… the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus Barbatus), the biggest bird in the Alps, which had disappeared from the European skies more than 100 years ago, and then has come back to make happy and precious our hiking days since a few years.

This excursion allows to admire these imposing two protagonists that will be the heart of our scene during our hike. It starts from Valnontey and, after 1 h 20 ‘ of relaxing, even walk, it starts to climb to reach the bucolic Money mountain pasture hut (a real natural terrace on the Gran Paradiso mountain top at 4,061 mt. and on the Tribolazione glacier. You then descend towards the head of the Valnontey to reach again the starting point.


the Bearded Vulture and the Gran Paradiso

Technical features:

about 800 mt

  about 15 km

whole day



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