Valnontey and Lillaz offer you the opportunity to disconnect from your usual routine, to change gear, to free your spirit from the everyday chains of time, to follow more the motion of the Sun than the revolution of a watch, tasting the slow rhythms of the mountains.

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Here the road ends: through the footpaths the sky becomes brighter, scents and perfumes are more intense, the sounds are only the natural murmur of water, the singing of birds, the wistles of marmots, the bells of grazing cows, the rustling leaves under your footsteps.

At night, the stars are brighter and the silence more intense, as we no longer have air, light or noise pollution.

Here a holiday is nature, culture, quiet, lovely landscapes, local traditions that are still alive, a true familiar accomodation in small hotels where the human dimension has its right place.


The hamlets of Lillaz and Valnontey are only a few miles apart and are connected with an easy path through pine woods and glades, where it is not unusual to meet wildlife.

In winter the footpath becomes a cross country skiing track, and the wood has specific snowshoe itineraries.

Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso




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Valnontey – Sella refuge

The Ibex (Capra Ibex), king of the Gran Paradiso National Park, is the unmatched protagonist of the Aosta Valley moutains.

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